WTWG UPDATE: Worth The Wait Guy Ministries

The first five months of 2017 has been full of many blessings. The Lord has allowed me to see another year (33 – my Jesus year), write another book (Hashtag Purity: Save Your Self) and start preaching at my church (Downtown Faith). A year ago, I was only blogging at the time. Books weren’t even on my mind. Now, I’ve written three books in one year and will be releasing my fourth book in December 2017. The same thing happened with preaching the Word of God. My intimate relationship with God has grown and matured over the last year. It’s remarkable what you can do when you let God be God and surrender to Him. I see things clearer… the world, my life and what he wants for us.

Recently, God has blessed me with an awesome vision: To create a Men’s ministry. But not just to create any Men’s ministry. A Men’s ministry comprised of single, celibate men, as well as faithful, married men. Together as one Men’s ministry. As a single, celibate man, I felt it was essential that we have a place we can call “home.” Also, I wanted to create a healthy bridge between singleness and marriage by including the faithful, married men into the fold. I believe combining both groups of men into one ministry can create unlimited amount of cohesion and bonding.

Most ministries that emphasize or encourage celibacy are for women. After researching this topic, I came to this conclusion: There are no Men’s ministries that promote celibacy. I repeat – there are no Men’s ministries that promote celibacy. NONE. I found this discovery distributing and wanted to do something about it. I believe God gave me this vision for a reason. As men, we need this. Celibacy and faithfulness is just not for the ladies. In order for us to become real men (what God wants from us), we must believe in His word and obey Him. Practicing celibacy and faithfulness are a part of that equation. Because of that, Worth The Wait Guy Ministries was created.

The vision of Worth The Wait Guy Ministries is to create an everlasting bond with like-minded men who follow Jesus and His word by living a celibate and faithful lifestyle. Our mission is to inspire men to make the sacrificial choice of giving their hearts to Jesus Christ by living a celibate and faithful lifestyle. The objectives of this ministry are accountability, brotherhood and commitment. We believe that if we can apply these objectives within our daily lives, we will be able to live the life God wants for us, a celibate and faithful life.

Please pray for this ministry. We are new to this thing and very green. However, we believe we’re doing the right thing by trusting God and stepping out on faith and principle. The journey will not be easy but God will be with us every step of the way.

If you want more info about Worth The Wait Guy Ministries and how you can get involved, please email us at wtwgministries@gmail.com

Worth The Wait Guy