WTWG UPDATE: Projects, Collaborations and More

February has come and gone – well almost. There is one extra day (February 29) this year with Leap Year in effect. As we approach March and the Spring season, I felt it was a good time to provide a quick update. Things are running 100 MPH and it feels like I can’t keep up at times. God is moving pretty fast (not complaining) – I’m so blessed and humbled to keep the pace and run side by side with Him daily. Each day, I receive multiple emails, friend requests and DMs from new people who follow WTWG. I love connecting with people who appreciate my story and respect the movement. Please continue to flood my inbox – I will personally respond back to you (not automated response but actual response from the real thing…ME!).

During my short tour break, many people have suggested possible See It Through tour locations. States like Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Maryland are on the board. In March, I will be at Purdue University and presenting at the The Online Single’s Conference. If you would like to see me come to your city, please holler at me! Email, tweet or message me…let’s make it happen!

One of my new goals is to collaborate more with other like-minded Christians. I’m not the only “good guy” out there doing his thing. I know plenty of good women who also believe in God and take care of business. I’m making it my personal responsibility to share my spiritual gifts with others (in a collaborative way) so we can make an even greater impact. Please be on the lookout for more content from WTWG and friends. At the end of the day, we all play for the same team: Team Jesus!

FYI I’m still in the process of writing my first book. Hit a speed bump (well, actually a few of them lol) but it’s all good though. We will get back on the road and reach our destination right on time.

Working on other new projects – Radio and TV/Film. This side of the “business” can be stressful. Level of patience is definitely tested. However, I will stay focused and make sure I’m ready when they call my name.

BTW Happy Black History Month! And I really mean it…not like Stacey Dash’s joke she made last night at the Oscars. Pray for Stacey, y’all – SMH!

Worth The Wait Guy