WTWG UPDATE: LAYOP Store Grand Opening



Labor Day Weekend marked a historical event in time for myself and many others, especially within the LAYOP family. LAYOP Clothing Company celebrated the grand opening of its flagship store. Dreams came true that weekend as we finally opened up our first storefront! From the humble beginnings of the Simple & Plain days to the current LAYOP brand, it’s been quite the show to see. There’s so much rich history behind Live At Your Own Pace, we could shoot a documentary or short film about the grind and struggle of living at your own pace every day. You know what…that’s actually a GREAT IDEA! I think we might put this into production for 2017. Would YOU watch our story? Wait…before we start talking about 2017, let’s get back to the grand opening 🙂

The grand opening weekend festivities took place in Downtown Las Vegas, inside the Downtown Container Park (2nd Floor, Suite 2320). From Friday to Monday, we provided a jam-packed, fun-filled environment for the entire family. People from all over the world blessed us with their presence and purchases. We didn’t know how the initial reception would be but boy did we find out. It was CRAZY successful. It was SUPER uplifting. It was DYNAMITE!

There were so many highlights during grand opening weekend – lots of stories and memories for days. CEO and Founder Andre Thomas cut the ribbon down to officially open up our store for business. Later that day, he was presented a memorial picture of Charles “Chucky” Smith, one of LAYOP’s former head designers. Chucky passed away from Cancer in 2013. Since his untimely death, Chucky’s legacy has always been lived inside each of us love LAYOP. Now, the LAYOP store is blessed with Chucky’s presence forever and we’re ready to make POWERMOVES!


We hosted our inaugural First Friday event called DTLV Toast where we bought the 15 drinks for the entire bar. As a group, we toasted to good health, success and happiness. In case you’re wondering, I was drinking cranberry juice with a lime lol. On Saturday, we gave our customers a special opportunity to meet the LAYOP designers in person. People love connecting with the creators and owners of successful companies and brands. During the meet and greet event, we also provided something for the kids, as we had a face painting station right inside the store. Last but not least, we celebrated Las Vegas Strip style with bottle service at LIGHT Nightclub. It was the perfect ending to a magnificent occasion.

On the behalf of LAYOP Clothing Company, I’d like to send a special thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of our grand opening weekend event. The list is long – we are so appreciative of your support. Thank you for believing in us. All of your thoughts and prayers helped tremendously. We will continue to work hard and improve our product. This is only the beginning and we’re so happy to share this moment with you. Stay tuned for more great things from 2320! 

Worth The Wait Guy