WTWG UPDATE: Preaching at Downtown Faith

On April 30 2017, I did the unthinkable and unimaginable: I preached my first sermon. Now, to some of you out there, that statement might come as a surprise. Well, I’m here to tell you that delivering a sermon at church was something I had never thought of before in my life. I always heard that preaching isn’t something you strive to do – you’re “called” to do it. After having now preached two sermons and getting ready for a third one next month, I’m so glad that my pastor Jeremy Martin was out of town that week! Lol jk. 😉

God is so amazing, y’all… at times I don’t know what to say! He’s the only reason why I’m right here in this exact spot. Since I left the Las Vegas entertainment industry, my relationship with God has strengthened and matured. I became more aware and content with His word – I began to hunger and thirst for MORE constantly. During this time, my pastor reached out to me via email asking if I would preach one Sunday while he was at a conference in North Carolina. At first glance, I thought the email was sent to the wrong person. I thought to myself, “There’s no way Jeremy meant to send this to me!” After reading the email, I discovered that there was no mistake. The message was for me.

I remember just sitting there laughing and smiling. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I wasn’t scared or afraid of the responsibility or calling. However, I was motivated and humbled by the blessing and opportunity. God wanted me to start preaching to His people. God wanted me to help spread His word within the church. Crazy!

When I told my inner circle about this new development, none of them were surprised by the news. They all simply said “This is who you are!” Once I thought about it, they were absolutely right. God has covered me through ministry for a very long time. The first time I had a ministry was in middle school. I was a part of the Zion Puppet Warriors, the cool, young adult ministry at my church. Within the Puppet Warriors, we had a mime team. The director (Mrs. Debra Austin) wanted me to perform a solo mime to Mariah Carey’s Hero. Initially, I was reluctant but I eventually agreed to the assignment. Whenever I performed Hero, it made people cry. Like for real tears. I always felt “connected” to the crowd whenever I did Hero. Back then, I never looked at it as a ministry, but now at 33, it most definitely was a ministry.

With Worth The Wait Guy Ministries and now preaching at Downtown Faith, ministry is a big part of my life moving forward. I have already claimed it in the name of Jesus. I’m 1000% fine with ministry being who I am and what I was called to do. I will continue to follow His lead and tell others about His love.

Thank you, Jesus for your grace and mercy!

Worth The Wait Guy