WTWG UPDATE: Book #3 | Hashtag Purity

BREAKING NEWS: I’m releasing a NEW BOOK! That’s right…book number three from my Hashtag Book Series will be releasing next month (Wednesday, April 19) – all praises to The Most High! 🙂

Hashtag Purity: Save Your Self is a 60-day adventure of spirituality, purpose, and discernment. This book is the perfect powerful tool for people on the go. Each daily tweet is written using 140 characters or fewer. No matter what you’re going through in life, living a true and pure lifestyle can positively affect your relationship with yourself, others, and God. The book is NOW available for pre-order at shop.worththewaitguy.com.

I’m SO EXCITED for this book because I truly feel that it is going to change many lives. Attempting to live a Purity lifestyle is not easy. Even as a 33-year-old virgin, I’ve failed and missed the mark at living pure 100% of the time. Hashtag Purity can be the missing link to your practice of celibacy and/or abstinence. I pray to God that everyone who needs this book in their life finds it, not because I’m the author, but because it will fulfill a necessary need within their walk with Christ.

Please share this post with anyone who is waiting for God. He is definitely worth the wait! Without Him, we don’t exist. I’m so honored to experience this journey with y’all…it’s special. Hashtag Purity is something I will always remember because it’s the foundation of WTWG. Over the years, I’ve learned to fully accept and embrace everything God is doing within my life: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. I’m so thankful and grateful to be in this very position to deliver Hashtag Purity. I feel amazing about what is going to come of this – so many great things for so many great people all over the world.

Thank you, Jesus…I’m so in love with you, man!

Worth The Wait Guy