Worth The Wait Guy Chronicles Ch. 31: “Five Years Later”

Worth The Wait Guy Chronicles Ch. 31

“Five Years Later”


On January 4th, 2014, I celebrated my 30th birthday in the most unique way. I didn’t want to do what everyone did when they turned age 30. Especially in Las Vegas, most people go to the club and pop bottles or have a nice dinner with family and friends. Now, I’ve done both of these activities on my birthday before and there’s nothing wrong with stunting at the club or breaking bread with your kinfolk. But for the big 3-0, I wanted to do something special… something significant… something shocking. Whether you drink or not, every nightclub experience is pretty much the same thing every time. The venue and drink prices might be different, but the songs/women/vibe are the same. On top of that, I worked inside a nightclub during this period, so I needed a break from the strobe lights and smoke machines.

After contemplating on the idea for a while, I figured out how I wanted to celebrate my birthday: Create a blog. Yes, you read that correctly. Out of all of the things I could have done to celebrate my birthday, I wanted to create a blog to share my testimony with the world. As an older, black male virgin, I wanted to show people that black men could wait to have sex until marriage. Let society tell it, ALL black men are sleeping with multiple women all over the world and making babies like they’re going out of style. Not true. With myself and many virgins or “celibities” (slang word for people practicing celibacy or abstinence), we are waiting to have sex because we believe in it, not because we can’t get laid.

When my site went live and I posted this birthday video on YouTube, I didn’t know my end game. I figured by being brave enough to share my WTWG story via social media, I would inspired a few people to live their truth and be honest about the life they wanted for themselves. But something else happened – God allowed my Worth The Wait Guy testimony to be seen and heard by millions of people globally since 2014. I’ve been blessed to be featured on the Steve Harvey Show, Essence Magazine, Ebony Magazine, JET Magazine, xoNecole, Huffington Post, P4CM The Conversation, Tom Joyner Morning Show, TVOne News One Now with Roland Martin, Essence Live and many other media platforms.

My message-movement-ministry has been the greatest gift I’ve ever received from God. I will never forget what he did for me on my 30th birthday. It was the first BIG step into following His plan for my life.


Since the launch and explosion of WTWG, I’ve learned many life lessons. Here’s my Top 10 Lessons Learned since the release of WTWG: 

  1. Purpose over Preferences – this person should add value and significance to your purpose in life, not just look good and have a nice body
  2. Stop dating “Basic” – don’t box yourself into a dating hole because you have a “type”
  3. Throw away your “List” – it’s BAD for you and no one will ever check every single box because no one is perfect, including yourself
  4. Don’t rush into love – take your time getting to know someone as friends first before you become lovers
  5. Go #HandsFree – truly trust God and get out of your own way of His plan for your life
  6. Appreciate (ALL of it) – because one day, it’ll add up and finally make sense
  7. Be Yourself – trying to be someone else for other people is doing way too much
  8. Be Honest and Transparent – it’s always the best policy for you and others
  9. Talk to God about everything – He already knows but he’s willing to hear it about again from you
  10. It’s Worth Everything –  every sacrifice, win, loss, etc is worth it because they’re all a part of your personal journey (your purpose in life)


As we approach the 5th year anniversary of WTWG, I feel like things are about to make a strong pivot in 2019. The grind has been real for almost five long years and I see lots of new beginnings for myself and the WTWG brand. I cannot speak on some of these things at this time but just know it’s going to be a good look. All of the hard work and dedication will finally be on display for everyone to see as we move into the new year, with a new focus and direction from God.

I owe everything to God – without Him, I would be absolutely nothing. This ride has been a fun one – and you know what’s the best part? It’s just getting started, baby. It’s time to take things to the next level.

At this time, I would like to thank everyone who has supported WTWG up to this point. I truly appreciate your support. This road hasn’t easy but I have no regrets practicing celibacy and following God daily. Even if I had a choice, I would still choose celibacy over being sexually active. Yes, it does require having more faith but it also includes having less drama within my life. Like most folks, I’m always here for less drama… I’m too grown for that other stuff! 💯