WTWG UPDATE: Winning While Waiting

What’s good, y’all? It’s been a minute since I last checked in with you… my apologies. I’ve been on the grind extra hard these last few months. My social media posts have decreased in numbers but I still have mad love for everyone. So, what did I miss? Lol. 🙂

God has definitely been up to his usual thing (THANK YOU) – I love you so much! As I navigate through this world while waiting, I continue to find out new information about myself. Moral of the story: I WILL NOT LOSE. Now, this post isn’t just about me, because you know what… you will not lose either!

Each day that goes by where I’m still alive and well is a constant reminder that I’m winning while waiting. Throughout my wait, I feel God’s presence. It’s peaceful. It’s contagious. It’s welcoming. Within this last year, I’ve been able to grow closer to God as I completely surrendered everything within my life to Him (especially my dating life). When I was “Doing Too Much,” I felt stressed out. When I finally allowed God to run my life without “my help,” life became better. Wins were easier to come by… nothing was forced. Everything was very natural.

As 2017 is coming to an end soon, I’m already claiming my victory in 2018. The wait will continue as planned and I know God will protect and provide. Teaser: I’m working on a few projects that will be great assets for the waiting community. This is our time to let the world know we exist and we’re not going anywhere. I can’t wait to deliver these to the masses next year. Super exciting stuff!

So, yeah, that’s all I got for right now. I just wanted to holler at y’all really quick about hanging in there while you wait on the best thing in your life: Your relationship with Jesus Christ. When you roll with the winners (GOD and His people), your life will be peaceful and filled with blessings. I need that and I’m going to get it… so are you. We’re all about peace and blessings over here!

Worth The Wait Guy