WATCH: Steve Harvey Show Appearance

This week, I made a guest appearance on the Steve Harvey Show: I participated in a Virgin Dating segment with five other virgins from across the US. Steve featured three female virgins (Gabby, Callie and Lael): each woman had different reasons for waiting but all experienced difficulty in finding men who respect their lifestyle. Steve wanted to show these ladies that male virgins exist as well, so he reached out to me, Dan and Paul.

The experience was priceless – I’m truly blessed! Not only did we meet Mr. Harvey, but it gave all of us a chance to bond with other virgins. After the show taping, we went on a group date. Dating as a group provided a pressure-free environment. We laughed. We joked. We ate some really good food. We had a great time together!

I would like to thank everyone at the Steve Harvey Show for allowing me the opportunity to be on national TV and be involved with such a positive project. God is so GOOD – I can only give Him all the PRAISE!!!

ATTENTION SAGINAW and FLINT: Please tune in TODAY (Wednesday June 10) at 4pm EST (Channel WSMH Fox 66) to watch the episode! 🙂

Worth The Wait Guy