WATCH: Essence Live Interview Feature

While in New York for the See It Through Tour kick-off event, I had the pleasure of stopping by the Time Inc. Studios. I paid the lovely ladies of Essence Magazine a visit on a frigid afternoon in the city. This amazing opportunity served as the reunion for Essence and WTWG. On last year, Charli Penn featured my story on and it instantly became popular to HER (Essence refers to their readers as HER). Once Essence posted the interview on social media, it received 57,000 likes on Facebook within hours, with lots of shares and comments. It took me two days to answer over 300 email and Facebook messages! It was definitely one of the most humbling experiences of my life. Positively overwhelmed by all the love and support!

For my follow-up interview, Essence thought it would be great for me to answer some juicy questions on camera. Many women want to ask me personal questions about my journey as a virgin. I feel some women tend to shy away from asking me sexual questions because they don’t know how I would react, positively or negatively. Essence threw me right into the fire and put me in the hot seat: game on.

My objective was to be open and honest, have fun with the segment and be myself. The questions were very sound and direct – a few of them made me laugh and smile a little bit. After watching the interview, I was very pleased with the final product. Special thanks to Charli, Dana and company! 🙂

To see the full interview, please click HERE. 

Worth The Wait Guy