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Last month, I gave props to Kobe Bryant for being one of the greatest NBA players of all-time. This month, I’m giving props to another Laker great, A.C. Green, the NBA’s ultimate Ironman. Disclaimer: I AM NOT A LAKER FAN. I’m just a guy who is putting some RESPEKT on it (sorry, y’all…I had to do it lol). I’m still laughing at the “Are  y’all finished or are y’all done?” line…DEAD!

For those youngsters out there, A.C. Green may sound unfamiliar. They might actually be confused by the other popular AC of the 1980s, AC Slater. As a basketball player, he’s not in the same category as Jordan, Bird, Isaiah or Magic. However, he played with Magic and the 1980s Showtime Lakers, winning 2 NBA Championships (and another in 2000). Green was a “glue” guy: the model team player. He practiced hard. He rebounded and defended well. He did his job and did it well. One thing he didn’t do was miss basketball games. During his entire 16-year NBA career, he only missed three games out of 1,281 games (during his second season).

Another thing A.C. didn’t do as an NBA player was have sex. He was widely known as being a virgin during his playing days. Green was a devout Christian and believed in waiting for sex until marriage. Waiting is tough for the average human being…trust me, I know. But waiting as a Los Angeles Laker during the Showtime era: sounds virtually almost IMPOSSIBLE! Hollywood. The Laker Girls. Paula Abdul. The Forum Club. Did I say The Laker Girls?! Being a Laker in the 80s was like being in the Rat Rack with Frank, Dean and Sammy. It was actually living life like it was an episode of Baywatch. This was A.C.’s life but he didn’t compromise his values or lose control of his religion.

ESPN recently showcased his story as a “30 for 30 short” film, narrated by Will Ferrell. The film highlights the glory days of being a Laker while A.C. Green is playing for something bigger than a championship and fame = honor. His dedication and commitment to playing every game was quite impressive. He went on the break the record for consecutive games played at 1,192 straight games in 1986. All the glory to GOD!

To watch the film, please click HERE.

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