My 2017: The Stone Collector

#RealTalk: 2017 has been the most thrilling year of my life. For those who know me, I wouldn’t classify myself as a traditional risk taker or thrill seeker. I don’t ride rollercoasters (only been on one rollercoaster in 33 years of living) or appreciate heights like most people. So, the possibility of me going skydiving or riding in a hot air ballon are highly unlikely unless God gives me an assignment to do so! Lol.

However, I would classify myself as a semi-risk taker or thrill seeker because I enjoy taking chances on improving my lifestyle and relationship with God. In 2007, I moved from Ann Arbor, Michigan to Las Vegas, Nevada with only $1000 and a couple of prayers. I didn’t have a master plan but I knew that God would provide and protect me as I believed in His vision for my life. My gut (God) spoke to me and I listened – I jumped out of my contentment and received a blessing for trusting and believing in Him. Jesus recognized my heart and it was covered in His love, grace and mercy.

The same thing happened to me in 2017. As I grew closer to God by following His lead daily, he did something. God gave a stone. Then, he gave me another one. And another one. Wait, God gave you a stone… like a rock? Yes, a stone, people. Metaphorically. In Joshua 4, God talks to Joshua about taking 12 men to collect 12 stones in the middle of the Jordan. These 12 men follow his command and collect the 12 stones to build a memorial.

Initially, I didn’t know what to do with these “stones” aka specific ministries God wanted me to create for His people. At this time, I had never started a ministry, outside of creating Worth The Wait Guy. Even with WTWG, I initially didn’t embrace it as a ministry because I was scared of that title. I thought of it more as a “movement” but after totally surrending my life to Jesus Christ, I humbly accepted the responsibility of ministry. Fear no longer blocked my destiny. I was ready to help build His Kingdom forever through performing Kingdom Business.

Each stone that I collected in 2017 has allowed me to fully walk into my best life, the one God has ordained for me. Being able to preach His Word at Downtown Faith has made me truly realize that He is a miracle worker and has a plan for each of us. Being able to launch Worth The Wait Guy Ministries and In Shape Faith are prime examples of how God gives you the desires of your heart if you take delight in Him. He will come through for you if you believe.

Happy New Year 2018! I pray that everyone embraces the path in which God leads them to victory and peace. If he gives you stones in 2018, please collect them and follow his instructions. It’s going to ROCK YOUR WORLD. Blessings! 🙂

Worth The Wait Guy