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On Tuesday, millions of people celebrated Happy Valentine’s Day as a day of love for their friends, family members and significant others. For the last nine years, Valentine’s Day has been a holiday that I secretly cheer for inside but haven’t fully participated in the hoopla because of my single status. The last time I went on a Valentine’s Day was back in 2007. Some of my WTWG readers were in elementary school in 2007. So much has changed since then within the world we live in. Even more has changed within my own personal life. From relocation to breakups, from being jobless to being employed, I’ve experienced it all. Multiple jobs. Multiple relationships. Multiple disappointments. Multiple lessons learned. Multiple blessings received. 

I didn’t realize it’s been that long until I thought about it this week. I asked myself the question, “How in the world did this happen?” Lol. After losing it for 2-3 minutes (or maybe it was a little longer), I prayed and laughed about my situation. I’m an adult male virgin who hasn’t been on a Valentine’s Day date in almost 10 years…and I don’t feel like a complete loser (like most people think I would with that type of drought on my record). Of course, I’d like to take a beautiful woman on a nice (not even romantic) date with amazing conversation and chemistry. I’ve been on plenty of dates like this before in recent years – but just not on Valentine’s Day.

A few years back, I remember one of my friends confessing to me that her boyfriend didn’t do ANYTHING for her on Valentine’s Day. Like no cards. No flowers. No candy. Nothing. I couldn’t believe it – I was truly disturbed by this alarming discovery. I asked her and myself the question, “In what world is that considered normal or acceptable?” Total douche move smh…no wonder why dating is difficult these days. This is what I have to deal with in being a gentleman in 2017: Thanks guys!

As I continue to prepare myself and wait for God’s direction, I know the greatest love in my life is His love. There is nothing like it in this world. There is no competition for God’s love and mercy. Over the last year, my heart has fully accepted God’s love and it’s been the best thing that’s ever happened to me PERIOD. I understand him better. I’m able to listen and discern things properly. I feel his presence growing stronger within my spirit daily. He speaks to me in different ways because I have made the sincere decision to follow him without any doubt or questioning. I’m simply here for it ALL.

No matter what day it is, say YES to love in your life. Be happy and content with the presence of God. He will continue to showcase his love all over your world if you accept his kind and loving invitation. Please soften your heart and give love a chance. It’s the real deal, folks. It’s never too late to jump on this Love’s Train…

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