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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, my latest Huffington Post blog piece is about love. No wait – it’s actually about sex (or the lack of sex)!

I wanted to share with you some insight on past dating experiences I’ve had being a virgin. During my journey, I’ve been blessed to have God watch over me as I walk through this world. Each day presents a challenge to stay the course and keep my eye on the prize.

As a young man, I made a commitment to God – remain a virgin until marriage. A few years later, I made a pact with two of my best friends – remain virgins until marriage. We started as a dynamic trio. Then, we regrouped as a tag team duo. Now, we’re a one-man band of virginity.

For the last seven years, one of my friends has made a new yearly commitment: proclaiming that I will lose my virginity by the end of the year. If you personally knew him, this type of statement wouldn’t come as a complete surprise. He’s a Grade A journalist by trade and has the gift of gab – the boy is good! However, I can only shake my head at his ridiculous “bet.”

Please don’t let the title of this piece confuse or mislead you – my virginity is NOT a bet or for sale. It’s a creative play of words on a very interesting take about my journey. Without giving the entire story away, it’s safe to say that the only serious bet I’ve made is the one with Jesus Christ: believing in Him and knowing 100% that he will bless me through and through.

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