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Don’t worry: I’ll be short. The Cavs lost in 5. He lost another Finals. But LBJ is still that dude tho 🙂

For those who know me, I’m a LeBron fan. Not a Cavs fan, but a LeBron fan. When Bron wins, I’m with him. When Bron loses, I’m still here. So because he just lost another NBA Finals to the Golden State Warriors, I’m not running away from anyone. Congrats to KD, Steph and the Warriors… y’all did that!

This note is for anyone who still hates on this guy. Like seriously, why? Lol. I truly don’t get it. I understand he’s chasing the ghost named Jordan (which he’ll never catch btw) but should you hate him because of it? If it motivates him to be the best player in the world (which he still is btw), let him have it. People crack me up when they criticize LBJ – it’s super entertaining. I stopped getting into LeBron debates a few years ago. Bron is the classic barbershop debate. Barbershop debates are great but there’s never a clear cut winner, no matter what is being debated. Best rapper of all-time? Best Eddie Murphy Movie? Roscoe’s or Waffle House? LeBron vs. Everybody?

Unfortunately for LeBron, there isn’t anything he can do to stop the chatter. LBJ can win 10 rings and he’ll still have people saying he’s trash. People are still going to say he’s not better than (any NBA legend not named Michael Jordan). It doesn’t matter how you rank it but LeBron James is already on the Mount Rushmore of the NBA with Jordan. The other two names are up for debate.

It’s ok to witness and acknowledge greatness, especially while it’s still happening. I truly believe people’s opinion of Bron will eventually change – whenever he retires. Then, people will realize what he makes look easy is not easy. Dude is on another level and we’ll never see it again. Ever. There’s only one Jordan. There’s only one Kobe. There’s only one Bron. No matter what he does from this point on in his HOF career, the King is still the King!

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