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Last weekend, Happy Sweetest Day (which is actually a REAL holiday) came and went like the wind. Most people who didn’t grow up in the Midwest or Northeast regions aren’t familiar with the holiday. It’s kinda like the Pop vs. Soda debate but not having Soda in the debate. And just in case anyone wants to know my feelings on Pop vs. Soda, I don’t even know what Soda is lol – never had it before. Now Pop on the other hand, I’ve had plenty of times. Sprite was my favorite back in the day but I don’t drink Pop anymore. I stick to water and Gatorade these days.

In high school, Happy Sweetest Day was a holiday where the dudes actually received more gifts than the girls. It had a Sadie Hawkins vibe to it, which was a weird, cool event. To be honest, I can’t even remember one single gift I received on Sweetest Day but it felt good being acknowledged by close friends and acquaintances. I’m pretty sure most gifts were food and candy, which were as good as money to a broke, hungry high-school student.

As I matured, certain holidays have stood out to me (like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s/ Father’s Days, my immediate family members’ birthdays) and many others start becoming irrelevant. Sweetest Day is one of them because I think every day on Earth should be celebrated like it’s Happy Sweetest Day.¬†Especially in today’s world, if you have love in your life, you should honor that love each day. Don’t take love for granted. Don’t mistreat or abuse love. Love is precious. Love is kind. Love is sweet. Love is something that can help change the world for the better. I pray everyone has experienced TRUE LOVE. It can help save lives, y’all.

Don’t get it twisted…I think we should still keep Happy Sweetest Day as a national (not regional) holiday. I just think people shouldn’t wait until every third Saturday in October to show people they actually love and care for one another. And that goes for every holiday. People shouldn’t have to wait to eat as a family until Thanksgiving. People shouldn’t have to wait until their birthdays to receive gifts. People shouldn’t have to wait until Easter/Christmas/NYE to attend church and praise God.

So, just in case, you didn’t celebrate Happy Sweetest Day last Saturday (October 15th), I want to give you some love today. I hope this day welcomes you with happiness, joy and cheer. Live it up to the fullest and continue to pass the love onto the next person!

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