READ: HuffPost Feature | See It Through in 2016

For 2016, one of my blogging goals is to write a blog piece for The Huffington Post once a month. I felt by setting this goal, I would challenge myself to become a better writer and blogger. This week, The Huffington Post featured my first article of 2016, “See It Through in 2016.” In honor of MLK Day, I chose to highlight his dream and see how it still applies today. As long as our nation has hope, I believe King’s dream is still alive. I actually incorporated the dream aspect of his speech into my current motivational tour speech – it’s all about seeing the dream first!

Today, MLK’s legacy still carries much weight. However, some of things he and other Civil Rights leaders fought for, have not been delivered. We are still fighting against racism and prejudice. The war on drugs, violence and poverty is still alive. Our country has vastly improved but we’re still not there. Unfortunately, there is much work to be done and not everyone believes in “The Dream” anymore.

In order for progress to be present, we must SEE THE DREAM. In order for action to take place, we must MAKE IT WORK. In order for our destiny to be achieved, we must run THROUGH THE FIRE. King and many other great leaders did this for our country. Some of our beloved family members and friends also made a similar commitment. Never forget the people who have positively impacted your life, from family to strangers. Give thanks when credit is due. Be blessed to know you’re still here – living and dreaming daily. Thank you for everything, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.!

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