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At the age of 16, I remember declaring that I would “retire” from working at the age of 30. Back then, I pretty much figured that I would have reached the mountaintop and become a self-made millionaire without a doubt. I was young. I was green. I was determined but didn’t know exactly what it would take to make it happen. Now, I didn’t think the road to becoming a millionaire would be easy. However, I did think it would be attainable and I needed to put myself on a timeline. Age 30 sounded right at the time because I assumed I’d be married with 3-4 kids by then and I’d have everything figured out. Boy, was I WRONG!

Let’s fast forward 16 years: I’m not a millionaire (yet) but I’m closer to my dreams more than ever. I’m more mature. I’m seasoned. I’m wiser. I still don’t know exactly how things are going to happen but I have a much better idea. I’m definitely aware that I’m headed into the right direction. See, I might not be retiring at age 32 in the “best” situation but I’m doing it anyway. I’ve had a job every year since 2000 (praise God) – the same year I said I was going to retire at 30. A young JimDre knew way back then I was ’bout that entrepreneurship life and didn’t want to work for anyone else.

God has blessed me with the opportunity to walk away from the workforce and focus on being an entrepreneur 100% of the time. Not 25%. Not 50%. Not 75%. 100% full-time entrepreneur, which means I’ll never “work” another day in my life. For me, being an entrepreneur means working your daily passion into your daily lifestyle. I’ve been grinding and hustling for 11 years now. I wear MANY hats: fashion designer, personal manager, blogger, motivational speaker, radio host, life coach and author. I’m sure I’ll be wearing another 1-2 hats before the year is out and I’m cool with that.

All of the successes I’ve been blessed with have come when I wasn’t at full strength. It was like I was playing “hurt” and trying to produce like I was fully healthy. Now without a crutch or excuse, I’m ready to get in the game and stay in the game. I’ve had to understand that God pieces things together. Day by day. Step by step. Whether you’re ready for it or not. What God has for you is for YOU! Nobody can take it away from you –  stand firm in your faith, believe in yourself and embrace the moment.

My moment is here and I’m walking away from the table. I’ve hit 21 more than enough times while working for other people. It’s time to hit BLACKJACK while betting on myself and my team. It’s been real but I gotta go…see you on the other side of victory. #LAYOP

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