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The release of Hashtag Purity: Save Your Self has been one of the best events of 2017. As I was writing the book, I knew it had the potential of being special. The first two books, (Hashtag Motivation: Feed Your Mind and Hashtag Love: Open Your Heart), were special as well but different. Hashtag Motivation is my first born child. Hashtag Love is the middle child (the rock in between each book). Hashtag Purity is the newborn baby. Each book has its own identity and reasons why it’s special. Motivation challenged the focus of the mind. Love tackled the position of the heart. Purity embraces the lifestyle of the spirit.

This book right here is the game changer because it spoke to me in a spiritual way. Being a person who practices celibacy, Hashtag Purity made so much sense. The color of the book cover was a no-brainer. Black and white. Living a life of purity is black and white. There is no gray area. However, there was a time where I operated in the gray area. I had a virgin mentality with savage tendencies. At first thought, you might not think that would be possible, but sadly it is.

I was attracted to the idea of dating certain kinds of women, even if they didn’t live a celibate lifestyle. As long as they were believers in Christ, with a few other qualities (smart/in-shape/genuine/independent/pretty), I was interested and became infatuated. Being with a celibate woman wasn’t even a thought for me because I assumed the woman I would date and marry wouldn’t be a virgin (my faith was small in that department). I also rationalized living in the gray area and how that was “better” than actually having sex.

Good news: After living in the gray area for too long, I’ve learned my lesson. Living a life of purity is black and white. No more questionable behavior. No more taking chances betting on my own understanding. No more choosing the “right one” to become “the one.” I’m off that and on to what I should have been on a long time ago. I’m all about doing things for God and God only. I no longer move because I want to make a move. I’m 100% comfortable with letting Jesus take the wheel and enjoying the ride. To get to this point, I had to do a lot of soul searching within myself. Through God’s grace, I was delivered. Through Him, I have found peace. I can see clearly now and walk down the road of purity faithfully. Thank you Lord for saving me!

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