#VegasStrong: The Aftermath

Last month, I wrote about my favorite annual Las Vegas event: Life Is Beautiful Festival. ICYMI: LIB is three-day art & music festival held in Downtown Las Vegas that features some of the best collection of culinary artists, speakers, musicians and graphic artists in the world. I’ve gone on record saying that it’s my favorite Vegas event annually but something could have happened at this year’s festival that would have changed my mind in a heartbeat. Hold that thought… brb.

I’d like to take this time to focus on the recent events that occurred at Mandalay Bay last week. I don’t want to highlight the cruel act of terror (aka terrorist attack) against my city but I want to pay the proper respect to those who have lost their lives way too soon. This was not cool… no one deserved this. People were just trying to have a little fun listening to country music and then things got real: real sad, real tragic, real painful.

My phone was ringing off the hook that night, as well as into the next morning, with my friends and family members checking on my sister (who works at Mandalay Bay) and I. Thankfully, we were at home when the shooting took place. For those people who reached out to us, we truly appreciate it. These are the worst type of phone calls and text messages you want to send out but are so necessary… it really meant a lot.

Getting back to my Life Is Beautiful story, it feels weird to know that the shooter possibly had plans to execute his attack during LIB this year. He rented a place in the same downtown condos I stayed in for 10 months. If he went through with his plan, the entire downtown Las Vegas would have been in trouble, just not the LIB attendees (over 100,000 people). Who knows if I would have made it? My sister? My friends?

It hurts my heart just thinking about the reality of the situation: people unexpectedly lost family members that day. Life will never be the same. At times like these, you need love and compassion and I’m extremely proud to see Vegas rise to the occasion. The city of Las Vegas has accepted its responsibility in helping the community bounce back from the largest mass shooting in U.S. history. Our residents (first responders, police and fire departments, doctors, nurses, EMT and solid citizens) have bonded together to help rebuild our community. It’s very unfortunate we had to witness such tragedy to see this type of service in Las Vegas.

To everyone who lost their lives on Sunday, October 1st… rest in Heaven! #VegasStrong #NeverForget 

Worth The Wait Guy