ON THE MOVE: See It Through NYC

This moment in time is very special to me: I recently finished my very first motivational tour stop and it was a success…praise God! Launching the See It Through tour in NYC was extremely important to me because I wanted to prove to myself that I could survive the Big Apple and I did! I wanted to physically breathe the New York air (which was cold and disrespectful lol) so I could carry it with me throughout the entire tour.

God has blessed me with a responsibility to share my personal story with the world. It is a story of FAITH, PASSION and PURPOSE. It has ups and downs. My story is real and authentic. It truly defines me as a person, inside and out.

By launching this tour, I was taking a huge leap of faith, trusting God 100%. As always, God delivered the goods and I’m so humbled by his love. The success of the NYC tour is proof that I’m supposed to be right here, right now. Seeing people, some of which I’ve never met before, come to my event to support my dream is quite the experience. Their belief and support gives me extra fuel to keep going so I can create more moments like this. Like in Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come.”

New York was the best place for me to start this new journey. It set the tone for 2016 and now I’m ready for the next city…Las Vegas. I know I’ll be back again – maybe sooner than I think. Thank you for the awesome experience, New York. ONE LOVE!

Worth The Wait Guy