October: My 2nd Favorite Month of the Year

October is a pretty cool month. It may not be as cool as January (my birthday month and the greatest month of the year) but I’m a big fan of October. Football season is in full effect. Basketball season starts at the end of the month (Spoiler Alert: The Cavs will REPEAT). MLB playoff race is intense – I actually don’t mind watching baseball in October. The weather (especially in Las Vegas) is amazing right now. You can begin to notice people transitioning into holiday mode, which can positively affect one’s happiness level. October lands in the sweet spot, right before we hit the mad rush to the yearly finish line with November (Thanksgiving) and December (Christmas).

This year, I’m officially declaring October as my 2nd favorite month, not because of all the amazing sports I’m going to witness. October has become my 2nd favorite month because it honors a subject I hold near and dear to my heart, sexuality. The subject of sexuality is taboo to some folks out there but it’s a topic that must be addressed. Without talking about sexuality responsibly, I might have not made the decision to wait for sex until marriage.

Let’s Talk Month is a national public education campaign celebrated in October and coordinated by Advocates for Youth. Let’s Talk Month is an opportunity for community agencies, religious institutions, businesses, schools, media, parent groups and health providers to plan programs and activities which encourage parent/child communication about sexuality. I became aware of this program after doing some research for future collaborations with national agencies who promoted celibacy and self-worth. Especially in today’s world, we need to discuss sexuality and the responsibility that comes with it (i.e. Donald Trump, y’all). Children are growing up each day and need to learn about the truths of sexuality intelligently. Having these types of conversations with family members, mentors and support groups like Advocated for Youth are necessary.

I was truly inspired by the Let’s Talk Month campaign because that’s where anything starts – with a talk. You have an idea. You share that idea. You make the idea work. It becomes a reality. Now, you have a product. If you don’t talk about it, you can’t learn anything from it. Bringing positive information and learning to the light is essential to our growth as a society. I remember when I first discussed the idea of WTWG in 2013. I wanted people to know my story so they could understand the power we all have in the choices we make daily. The foundation of my entire WTWG platform was created by a conversation – a simple talk. I believe that if we made more of a conscious effort to talk, we would solve more problems and impact more lives. Naturally, I’m quieter than most people. However, my passion for God and helping others allows me to be open and available to discuss my faith and journey as a 32-year-old virgin.

I pray that we all continue to keep the conversations going in October…peace and blessings! 🙂

Worth The Wait Guy