Vegas Bucket List: LAYOP Las Vegas Weekly Feature

I’ve lived in Las Vegas for almost a decade: August 23rd will mark my 10-year anniversary in Sin City. It really doesn’t seem like it’s been that long, but it has. During my time here, I’ve experienced a lot. I’ve had good times and bad times. I’ve experienced catching feelings and heartbreak. I’ve had multiple random jobs and seen many friendships come and go with the wind. I’ve taken some L’s but I’ve also won a few championship rings playing here in the desert.

Las Vegas has become “home” for me and after 10 years, I’m finally content with saying that. At times, my Michigan pride gets in the way from fully embracing what Las Vegas has blessed me with. I feel we are all guilty of this when we place our focus on the past, not the here and now. I will always be from Saginaw, Michigan. It will always be the place that MADE me. Ann Arbor, Michigan will always be the place that developed me into a trendsetter and visionary. However, Las Vegas is the place where I truly found myself. Vegas has definitely been a wild ride. It has been filled with growing pains, promise, disappointment and victory all wrapped into one inspiring story. To God be the GLORY!

When people visit Las Vegas, there are certain activities and attractions that are “Bucket List” worthy. Watching the Bellagio Fountains. Seeing a Cirque de Solei show. Eating at the Wynn Buffet. Going to Encore Beach Club or Wet Republic. Climbing Red Rock. You get the picture. 

Within my 9+ years of living in Vegas, I’ve almost accomplished everything on my personal bucket list. The latest accomplishment was the BIGGEST item left on my list: LAYOP being featured inside Las Vegas Weekly. The Las Vegas Weekly Magazine (and also Vegas Seven) is the People Magazine of Las Vegas. If you want to know who’s who and what’s what in Vegas, you read the Weekly. For years, I read the Weekly faithfully. I would visit the local grocery store and pick one up to stay current on what the happenings were in Vegas. Nightclubs. Dayclubs. Hotels. Restaurants. Sports. Arts. Everything.

One day, along with my business partner Andre Thomas, I declared getting inside the Las Vegas Weekly was a “bucket list.” Dre agreed with me that it would be pretty cool to have LAYOP Clothing (Live At Your Own Pace) featured inside the popular magazine. We both felt that whenever it happened, LAYOP would be accepted into the new “The Rat Pack.” Well, it finally happened two weeks ago: we did it, y’all. Mama, we made it!

I hope there’s someone reading this post who is in a similar position. You’re hustling. You’re grinding. You’re praying. You’re waiting. You’re preparing for your moment. Continue to believe in yourself and the process. Understand that your number will be called and when it is called, be ready and smile for the camera! 🙂

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Worth The Wait Guy