LISTEN: J. Anise – Higher Than Most 2 [Mixtape]

I remember the day my sister told me she wanted to be a rapper, almost over a decade ago. It was the same day she told me she wanted to be a singer. Now, my sister and I are best friends. She’s been my partner in crime since DAY ONE and I’ve never heard her “sing” one note before. I was the most optimistic person I knew but I couldn’t believe what my sister just shared with me. She recently graduated from high school and didn’t exactly know what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. This was pretty normal for most high school graduates – Jae had her entire life in front of her and didn’t have a clue which way to go.

As her big brother, I wanted to help her make the right decision. After I lectured her for 10 minutes about becoming a singer, my sister ran upstairs. I thought she was going to cry after my tough critique of her new career path. Jae returned to the family room with multiple shoe boxes, filled with original songs, all written by her. I was completely floored because I had no idea what my sister was doing behind closed doors. After reading a few of her lyrics, I automatically knew she had special God-given talent. I immediately praised her by giving countless compliments on each song (over 100 songs). I was hooked and wanted to see my little sister achieve all of her music dreams and goals. Since then, we’ve been working as a team (Git Fly Crew Entertainment) to break her into the music industry as a female rapper and songwriter, named J. Anise.

This week, J. Anise released her fourth project in 5 years, titled “Higher Than Most 2 Mixtape.” If you’ve never heard of J. Anise, this 16-track mixtape is a great introduction to the next female rap star. She has the looks. She has the style. She has the swagger. Most importantly, she has the passion, flow and skills to “make it big.” One of J. Anise’s signature ad libs is “Higher Than Most” because of her belief in Jesus Christ. She recites it on every track so she can inform people about her faith in God.

Next month, J. Anise will be releasing another project, Higher Than Most 2 EP. This project will feature six NEW original tracks, all produced by MDLCHXD, one of Las Vegas’ hottest producers. I’m so proud of my sister – she’s doing her thing and that’s what’s up! Please pray for her safety and health. I pray that God continues to watch over her as she rises through the ranks. To J. Anise: Stay humble. Stay focused. Stay faithful. 🙂

Git Fly, Stay Fly!

Worth The Wait Guy