Hashtag Purity: Save Your Self Book Release

On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of releasing the third book of my Hashtag Book Series – something I never envisioned doing this time last year. At that time, I never thought about becoming an author. Never. I always knew my story was “unique” but never felt like I would be moved to write multiple books about anything, let alone one book. But see, that’s why God is in complete control and His plan should always be trusted. It’s not always about your life. It’s more about how God can use you to impact other people’s lives. This is the sole reason why I write and embrace being a Best-selling author. Blessed. Grateful. Thankful.

Hashtag Purity: Save Your Self is a 60-day adventure of spirituality, purpose, and discernment. This book is the perfect powerful tool for people on the go. Each daily tweet is written using 140 characters or fewer. No matter what you’re going through in life, living a true and pure lifestyle can positively affect your relationship with yourself, others, and God. The book is NOW available for sale on shop.worththewaitguy.com and Amazon.

Out of the three books, Hashtag Purity is the foundation and reflection of where my life is currently at this very moment. Being adamant and vocal about living a purity lifestyle is an everyday thing for me. Trusting God as I wait is quite the phenomenon. The amount of faith and courage you must have in order to successfully practice purity is attainable by anyone. Practicing purity is just not about your future spouse. It’s also a precious gift to give yourself and God.

I wrote this book with the hope that it will help people accept and embrace a purity lifestyle within their own lives. The concept of purity is black and white. The process of living a purity lifestyle is blue and gray. There are many factors that can complicate and jeopardize your chance at being pure. A lot of those factors are self-inflicted. I’m guilty of getting in my own way and not allowing God to perform his grace and favor over my life. Trying to make executive decisions about your personal life without God’s full consent lead to unhappy results. A slight change in your mindset will lead to a big change within your heart and spirit if you give God full control of your life.

For those who will support this book, I pray it will take your purity walk to the next level. Dive into it. Write your thoughts down. Share it with others. Be real and transparent with yourself. Be honest with God and he will bless you abundantly. Enjoy! 🙂

Worth The Wait Guy