Give Thanks: Grateful & Blessed

Today, I wanted to write down my blessings on paper (well, actually type them onto the computer screen). This is not a small task, so I will probably limit the amount of blessings I write about because I could go on for days. God performs miracles and many blessings within my life daily. The mere fact I’m writing about blessings right now is a blessing. Each day I wake up to see another day is a blessing. Being able to know God and follow Jesus is the ultimate blessing and I’m extremely grateful for it.

Thanksgiving is always the time of year where everyone is usually in a “good” spirit. The conversation is always about family, friends and food. The feeling is warm, loving and genuine. It’s the kind of mood people should always embrace, but unfortuately, sometimes life gets in the way of us experiencing that level of peace on a consistent basis. However, I believe that if we return to the goodness that God provides us, we will never lose the peaceful spirit Christ brings us.

Even though we still have a month left in 2017, I’d like to take this time to express my gratitude for the year 2017. Here are my Top 10 reasons for being grateful and blessed in 2017:

  1. Growing closer to God by completely surrendering to Him in every aspect of life.
  2. Studying the Bible regularly and preaching the Word of God at Downtown Faith.
  3. Creating Worth The Wait Guy Ministries with other like-minded Brothers in Christ. 
  4. Building the Live At Your Own Pace brand and flagship store organically. 
  5. Accepting my role in the celibacy movement and taking ownership of its divine purpose.
  6. Having a foundation of faith that is in shape at all times. 
  7. Loving others like Jesus loves us each day. 
  8. Sharing awesome moments of life with friends and family. 
  9. Living a healthy lifestyle (Mind-Body-Spirit).
  10. Embracing my pace in life and knowing that I’m exactly where I need to be right now. 

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all… be safe and be blessed! 🙂

Worth The Wait Guy