WTWG UPDATE: DTLV Living + Grinding

Since my last blog post (about six weeks ago – sorry for the drought, y’all), my life has entered a pretty interesting season. If it were a cinematic movie, I’m not sure what I would call it. Possibly Strictly Business? It’s been quite the promising journey and challenge God has presented – right in front of my own existence. During this short time, I’ve been blessed to witness exponential growth in almost every area in life, especially growth within my spirituality and LAYOP business.

The LAYOP Flagship Store has been one of the best surprises of 2016. Opening up a store was not on our radar this year. We saw the perfect opportunity and dove head first. Having the proper faith and belief system has benefited us tremendously. The LAYOP message and brand has now traveled all over the world like Carmen Sandiego. Thousands of people have entered our doors and supported our LAYOP dream, vision and lifestyle. Downtown Container Park has been awesome to us and we are extremely humbled by this entire experience as first-time store owners and operators. The future is very bright, which we are grateful for, but we must keep pushing. The label will continue to reach higher and higher to present the best product available.

Another unplanned blessing has been Downtown Faith, a church planting project in Downtown Las Vegas. When I became a part of the Downtown Las Vegas community, I asked God to show me the way. He directed me to Jeremy Martin, Lead Pastor of Downtown Faith. Jeremy was very excited to hear about me wanting to become a part of history. God is doing some amazing things within Downtown Las Vegas. I’m honored to get on the bus and lend a helping hand to His mission. There’s been lots of planning and ministry happening – we’re almost ready to officially launch. Downtown Faith serves as another sign that God is working and changing lives (including myself).

As you can see, the backdrop of this current season is Downtown Las Vegas (DTLV). Since the LAYOP Flagship Store is located in DTLV, I decided I needed to live right in the mix. I can literally crawl to the LAYOP Store from my residence. God has allowed me to visually see the entire Las Vegas Valley daily as inspiration – seeing a world without limitations. My mind is clear, full of fresh ideas. My friendships/connections are purpose-driven and intentional. God’s plan for my life is starting to make more sense, therefore, my responsibility and accountability has increased accordingly.

DTLV was always intriguing to me because it’s unlike what typical “Vegas” represents. It reminds me of myself in a way: living inside the world but not becoming it (in but not of the world). DTLV has similar elements of the Las Vegas Strip but doesn’t completely sell the same message. It’s not perfect. It’s not spotless. It’s not established. However, it’s refreshing, hopeful and motivating. DTLV has a supreme entrepreneurial spirit that screams opportunity. The amount of potential is endless. Present day DTLV is only in beta stage. DTLV can (and will) positively impact this town, this city, this state, this region, this world. God has me right HERE for a reason. I will continue to believe in His plan and work towards the ultimate goal each day.

Who knows how long I will remain a Downtowner? Will my current framework shrink its focus or expand in 2017? No matter what happens, I will keep living and grinding. Let’s all continue to keep the faith and stay positive. Life is always better when we can share its special gifts with others. Don’t let the negative noise distract us from the beautiful sunshine – always put God first and He will guide us to GLORY! 🙂

Worth The Wait Guy