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My best friends (The B.I.Z.) have sports debates all the time. You would think that we worked for ESPN with the amount of information that is presented. Each conversation is filled with facts, passion and of course, humor. Sometimes, these dudes go on for DAYS about the same subject. When this happens, 90% of the time, I kindly hit the mute button and exit the group chat room for a few hours.

One of my friends has always felt that if I played Division 1 collegiate basketball, I would have played at Duke University. This statement makes me laugh because it’s probably true. The way I play basketball is very Duke-like. Think a black Wojo (floor slapping and all). Traditional Point Guard. Fundamentally sound. Defensive tenacity. Floor leader. Big heart. High basketball IQ.

He also loves to point out how I never shoot “deep 3s.” Deep 3s (30 feet and beyond) would be what Steph Curry and Klay Thompson shoot every game – straight disrespectful. If I shoot a three-pointer, I’m going to be right above the line. Not five feet away from the line.

When it comes to dating and courting, I’ve tried to be Chef Curry and it didn’t work. That’s not my game. God doesn’t want me to be a high volume shooter, launching up shot after shot for no reason. When I tried going uptempo from God’s pace, things went left and ultimately crumbled.

You can learn a lot from taking bad shots while dating. When things don’t work out, there is usually a good reason. The timing was off. There were trust issues. There was no compatibility or chemistry. The relationship was not a priority. Or maybe God was not the primary focus of the situation.

Most people trust God with everything in their lives, except their dating life. We feel like we have to be in control because we know “what we like.” Instead of focusing on what we personally like (dating), let’s try focusing on what God wants for our lives (courting).┬áIf we trust Jesus 100%, the bad shots will cease. His godly offense will work and we will have the ability to see things through his eyes and holy spirit.

Summertime is approaching fast: the season of pool parties, cookouts and sundresses is almost here. Are you ready? Will you shoot any bad shots? Will you pass the ball to God instead?

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